"AWB-Tour 2010 -  From Orient to Occident "
One People, One Sky

people & landscapes

23 April. 2010 to  31 May 2010

Following some photographic impressions of our trip. Much to scroll ;-)

 <under construcion

Shopping - Stop

Jordan Fashion

Sandstorm in Wadi Rum camp

Wadi Rum Road

Wadi Rum Station

Borderarea Jordan/Israel near Babtism - Site where John the Baptist lived and Jesus was baptized.

River Jordan and the new Orthodox church in the distance

Desert Castle Al Azraq

The proof that former arabic people did much more artwork than painting ornamentation !


Hiking in the surroundings of Petra offside of touristc paths

Souk Al-Hamidiyeh in Damascus

Visiting this mosqe and looking and hearing these faithful, praing people was very impressive.

On the road to Palmyra

Different places to work - travelling and reporting is a hard job  ;-)

....... but very often it's pure fun :-)

Our first baloonflight in Kapadokia

.... yesssss pure fun :-)


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